Student Perspectives:

Guadalupe Nickell

“Within two weeks of starting my negotiations course, I used some of the new techniques I learned in an important business meeting. Because of those new skills, I know I had a very different kind of conversation—and outcome—than had I relied on intuition alone.”

Guadalupe Nickell, MBA 2011
Associate Director of Philanthropy,
The Nature Conservancy

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The Columbia Advantage

Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School offers several competitive advantages to prepare you to navigate a global and constantly changing business environment. The school’s New York location, world-renowned faculty, and extraordinary alumni and corporate networks guarantee you a rich experience that is distinct to Columbia Business School.

Columbia’s proximity to more than 3,000 multinational companies and the major stock, bond, and commodity exchanges offer you opportunities for hands-on learning, mentoring, and career networking. When Warren Buffett (Columbia MS ’51) and Bill Gates held a town hall event recently for global broadcast on CNBC to discuss the economic crisis, ethics, and opportunities for growth, the Columbia campus was a natural choice for the setting. When BCEMBA students recently toured the New York Stock Exchange, they were accompanied by Tim Sanchez, MBA 2005, one of the many Columbia Business School alumni who work at the NYSE. Columbia’s professors are renowned experts with significant international experience, and many of them choose to live in New York because the city is one of the world’s top laboratories for business study and practice. As a result, cases come to life in the classroom.

Columbia University

Students benefit from being part of the wider Columbia University community, long known for its intellectual capital—14 winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics have taught or studied at Columbia, including University Professor Joseph Stiglitz, who often teaches at Columbia Business School. Other schools at the University—especially Law, Journalism, and International and Public Affairs—provide valuable intellectual and professional resources.

A traditional Ivy League setting within the cosmopolitan swirl of Manhattan, Columbia University’s Italian Renaissance–style campus provides a base from which to explore New York’s multinational businesses, thousands of restaurants, vast media outlets, and some of the best art and theater in the world. Cultural and other attractions are easily reached, and many Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA students schedule time to enjoy themselves in conjunction with the New York classes.

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