Student Perspectives:

Gary Roth

"I liked the fact that the blocks were slightly spread out—that is, every third weekend rather than every weekend. That made it much easier for those of us that had families and children when we were in the program."

Gary Roth, MBA 2005
Chief Operating Officer, United Capital Finanical Partners, Inc.

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Maximize Your Options

Recognized as an asset before starting the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program, you will become even more valuable to your firm while also enhancing your career. Through the program you will hone your abilities to identify and seize opportunities, foster professional relationships across major industries, and collaborate and compete globally. You will also have access to an extensive network of alumni in virtually every industry around the world.

Through the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA program, you position yourself for immediate and lifelong success by:

  • Expanding your knowledge in and beyond the classroom
  • Broadening your perspective through your network
  • Applying learning directly to your workplace, solving problems, and raising your level of conversation in your company
  • Adding networking and career management resources that will help you create and capitalize on opportunity

“I have a deeper understanding of strategy, finance, the role of technology, leadership, all of which I think is really going to accelerate the second half of my career. My story is still being written, but I’m confident that the trajectory of my second half has been altered forever, in such a positive way, by the program.”

Tim Campos, MBA 2011
CIO, Facebook

In Their Own Words

"It takes you from a fast curve to an accelerating curve, and it has made an enormous difference in my professional career."

Chris Kuhns, MBA 2010
Vice President, Castle Crow & Company

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